We are here to provide you with the tools to live well with dementia!

It was one conversation with a person looking after his wife with Alzheimer's disease that made us realise that dementia is an area of huge unmet need. Post-diagnosis, families struggle to identify what type of support exists, whether it is relevant and who to trust. Right now, nothing in the market provides the holistic and personalised support carers need throughout this journey. In response to this, we at CogniHealth are transforming the way carers look after people with dementia at home.

CogniHealth is comprised of a skilled and diverse team that sees the opportunity to improve care through innovation. By working together with families, healthcare specialists, academics and organisations such as Alzheimer Scotland, we are addressing all the different aspects of care.

People with dementia and carers are at the heart of everything we do. We believe that an insightful understanding of dementia can help create a world where people are free from the fear and heartbreak it brings.

Our mission is to improve the quality of lives of those affected by dementia by enabling personalised care.

Core Team

Pooja Jain

Giulia Melchiorre


Prof Craig Ritchie

Professor, Psychiatry of Ageing at University of Edinburgh

Albert Nicholl

Business Leader, Medtech Sector

Richard Lewis

Business Consultant

Nick Noble

Strategy Lead, IBM

Trust In Us

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As part of our efforts to comply with GDPR, as well as our own commitment to data privacy, we have made changes to our Privacy Policy which is available here. These changes give you insights into how we use your data, how we keep it secure and provide details regarding your rights with respect to that data.

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